Furtive Shambles is a game design co-op based in Yorkshire, UK. It’s made up of Thryn Henderson and Adam Dixon, alongside other collaborators. Our projects have included Small Town Skeletons, a game about teenagers who happen to be skeletons trapped in the curse that is their hometown; Mixtapes, a series of one-page games based on pop bangers; and Into the Flames, a horror game about an accursed pilgrimage stalked by ghosts played around a campfire.

Furtive Shambles began by running small events in unusual places around the UK, facilitating live games, ttrpgs, LARPS, street games, sport games and more. One day, these events will return

Adam Dixon

Adam makes and writes games about folklore, vast landscapes, and small unknowns. He works on weird LARPs beyond human ken, and is haunted by the band Thin Lizzy.

Thryn Henderson

Thryn is a non-binary narrative designer and crafts person, patiently harbouring a skeleton. They have a PhD in personal games, and spend a lot of time in the dirt.


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